Sunday, January 17, 2010



i visited my cousin's future wife today with ann. Magda is a proffesional nail stylist. As you probably guessed, she did our nails for our prom! My dress is black with yellow accesories, so my nails are black and yellow - unfortunately on this photos they don't look very good. They look better in reality, you can see more yellow. I hope they will survive tomorrow's stained glass lessons, and they will look perfect like now next saturday! I forgot to do ann's nails. Hope she will forgive me;p

i don't know whats happening to me, i'm gettin more and more girly since some time.. strange, but good! i feel better;p

xo Xo xo xo


dzoanna :) said...

mówiłam że tak będzie i masz piekne pazurki :) ^^ ciekawe jak moje będą wyglądać ;D

Dzoanna idzie na impreze ;D Miłego i weczorku i cieszenia sie pazurami kobieto ! :*

myosthis said...

oho, fajne pazuraki :D

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