Thursday, April 29, 2010

actuall wishlist

i'm not learning, everything takes my time except reading books and doing mathematic problems. but, in my opinion, relaxing before stressfull exams is imortant too. today, during a talk with Ann, I decided to do a short list, with things I would want to have at the moment;d

haa;d and a game we found with ann a couple months ago in Empik, called 'Like Sheep' - it has soooo cute pawns!!

lots and lots of colorfull linen (from white, threw green, pink, blue.. to black)

a cheap flat/little house i could move out with my boyfriend.. (a colorful and cosy place, own place)

Playstation3 with 2 pads and few games you can play multiplayer on a splitscreen

N. Gaiman's bew book

It's a short list, but few of those things i really want to have.. like a flat/house where i could live with my A. it's impossible now, oh sorry it could be possible if i won few million zlotys somewhere - like i said impossible!! but who knows, maybe, few years.. and my dream will come true? :)

the list isn't in a good order.. maybe i'll recall later some things.. ;d

oh i know what else, a little something.. lots and lots of colorful nailpolishes from Inglot!! ;d


  1. a gdzie wspomnienie o istocie która cie zainspirowała? ;>

  2. ejj przeciez napisalam ze w trakcie naszej rozmowy;d


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