Saturday, May 15, 2010


hi there :)
everyone passed the polish oral exams.. and I passed it with a quite good mark! 2 days of reading, 2 days of thinking and writing? it's a really good mark for a four day amount of work!! and i'm glad i wrote it myself.. seriously :) 2 oral exams left.. but.. english exams, so i'm not very worried, now i'm just relaxing;d jupi! at last!now about something more pleasant.. new perfumes! at last! i love very sweet perfumes, with vanilla and chocolate, strawberries etc.. but this fragrance is a little bit different, more.. fresh? i dunno, but it's a bit different from perfumes i usually have :) oh and of course next to the fragrance.. i love the bottles!! ;d

and here.. something i got yesterday in the mail.. after the package with perfumes.. fabrics!! first perfumes i bought! some of them look worse than on photos.. but some of them better. i'm just wondering how i'll sew bags from them.. cuz they are very fine!! well i'll try. now i'm gonna sew a simple tote bag for my grandmother, the same as i sewed about a month ago (few posts below). i'm suprised she wanted it so much :) an next.. i'll try to sew something more cmplicated, but first i have to translate the book with the tutorial :) wish you a nice day!



i finished the bag for my granny.. it's a twin sister of mine tote bag, but just a few centimetres smaller :)

and now.. i'll try to start to sew the more complicated bag.. but i'll problaby finish it tomorrow :)



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