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I have created an etsyr group for creative sewers! If you want to join in, just click on the image below!
I hope you will like it and that it will grow to a very nice community!
Oh and if you have a flickr account - and of course you are a creative sewer, you can join my new group on flickr - with the same name 'Sewing Team' just click here!

My previous notebooks:
sold or given away to my friends :)

Red Patchwork A6

Elegance and Romance A6
Flowery Beauty A6
Camera A5
Balloons A6
Camera A6
Jeans A6
Polka Dots A6
Bow A6
Cloudy A6
Cloudy vol.2 A6
Imitation of leather A6
Wood Grains A6
Feather A5
Umbrealla A6
Anchor A5
Elegance and Romance vol. 2 A6
Camera A5
Black A5
Cupcake A6
Tiny Notebooks A7
Red Patchwork A5
Flowers and Lace A5
Wood Grains A6
Wood Grains A6
Flowery A6
Black and Red Flowers A6
Pastel A6
Romantic A6
Lizard A6

And few more but I can't find photos of them anywhere!



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