Monday, November 16, 2009


here are my sunflowers from september, at least a quite good photo. i wish i could have them home..

hope you like it :)

and wish you health! im ill because of my class mate!

"i kill you"

Friday, November 06, 2009


few days ago i was with A. in a forest. i had only my analogue camera, and only 18 photos left on the film. here are some photos for you, i developed today, from this beautiful colorful forest. photos look a little better developed, this ones below are scanned, so colours are worse. i hope you like it anyway, maybe not good but i already love them. fun day.

click to make them bigger

oh! and best wishes for my dad and tomorrow for my granddad!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

fu***d test

i'm disapointed. i did a test today for my semestral work from photography, and what? .. DISASTER! i borrowed a camera from my dad, but it's too complicated.. and the lamps.. everything is to hard for me to do. i need time to learn how to do good photos in means of my dad's camera and my teacher's lamps! the main problem is that i don't have time.. i could do this work by my older camera, but the quality it's much worse.. here are some photos from today.. disaster..
see her? i love Ania's face on photos. beautiful.
and say hello to Kasia. her face is goodgoodgoodgood on photos to, maybe not here, it's my fault. but believe me, she's gorgeus to.


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