Wednesday, December 30, 2009

illness :(

we had great plans to go to the seaside to Świnoujście.. for few days.. mainly for the New Year's Eve.. to have fun.. something different.. now what? i'm ill from Sunday.. and i can't leave my bed, i'll not mention going somewhere out! we wanted to go there sooo soooo sooooo sooooooooo much! i even made a list what to take there (list-like always) but we can't :(. The New Year's Eve we'll probably spend at my A.'s house or in mine. i'm so sad because of it. hope i'll just feel better ttyl 31st december. maybe we will go to the cinema? maybe.. some wine (if i will be healthy).. some films.. and looking through the window at 00:00. So sorry :(.

i just want you to smile
all the time
A. ;*

hope your plans for New Year's Eve are great and that they will realise! :)


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