Saturday, December 05, 2009


hello after a longlong break! i didn't write anything for a long time because my head is full of bad thoughts. the main reason? SCHOOL. i have problems with my diploma work and with the annexe. we (that is me and my friend Aga) should have half of our annexe done by now!! unfortunately our school is VERY irresponsible! why? cuz the FUCKIN renovation of our class schould be FINISHED ON THE 1ST DECEMBER!! IT'S STILL UNFINISHED! Last Tuesday we had ENORMOUS luck, and we started painting one wall. 20% of that wall finished. 20 FUCKIN PERCENT! 2 OTHER WALLS AND 80% OF THIS ONE LEFT.. ONE AND A HALF FUCKIN WEEK LEFT TO FINISH?! FUCKIN IRRESPONSIBLE SCHOOL! I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE IT!
Oh and because of my last illnes, i missed school and what? I'm writting a fucking exam from fuckin history of art from all semester next week. I am so FUCKED. FUCKEDFUCKEDFUCKED! And another fucked thing: photography. We had to give our teacher semestral work from photography today. and of course what? i don't have even 1 photo (needed 6-8). Oh I hope Ann will visit me tomorrow, and I will do some photos like those from september.

I need to watch Grey's Anatomy.. new episodes in January.. can't wait!!

P.S. Oh but after this unlucky day in school, my granny called me and gave my parents money for my dreamed (DREAMEDDREAMEDDREAMED!!) shoes from Venezia. I was in love with them from the first sight! I had a small hope that maybe ill earn for them, and my parents will give me half of the amount (really expensive, for shoes like this for me). It was a small hope. My granny suprised me so much! And the second very nice thing was dinner with my parents at our favourite pizza resteurant Pizza Hut. After this awful day in school they made me happy so much! Thank you!

Thank you Ann for your time.

music for today: Ingrid Michaelson


  1. Biedna Ty ... :*

  2. nigdy wiecej nie zestawiaj ze soba slow "fuckin" i "history of art", bo zginiesz nieludzko okrutna smiercia, gdy wroce:P (to byla grozba)


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