Saturday, February 06, 2010

warm up!

i'm participating in a WORDWIDE SWAP PIN CUSHION. i'm terrified and excited! terrified cuz i never did a pin cushion, and that my partner will create something beautiful and i'll do a crap! but i'll try! i tried to sew it from a material i have left from my curtains. well as you see it isn't that bad for the first time. i need a sewing machine! sewing material by hands is difficult. thats why i'll do it from.. felt! now i need a good idea!
my partner Kami, seem to be a very nice and inspiring person.. from CANDA! wow! :)and now in response to FreckledNest post, here are my favourite nail polishes. number 1 - violet from Inglot. Love it because of the colour and because it doesnt bright, it's matt/dull (?)! lo-ve-ly!

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  1. your pin cushion is cute!! I love it even more because it's done by hand...lots of love and patience :) your nail colors are awesome! You've convinced me to try purple too.. and i don't even like purple ;) but it looks so pretty!!! :)



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