Thursday, February 18, 2010

i won

in malflu's candy. when i got back today from my private lessons of Polish i was suprised seeing so soon a small, misterious package. i checked from who, opened and wow! beautiful things malfu sewed and cute buttons! i love buttons, unfortunately i've had just few, now i can do something from them.. colorful and loads of shapes. notice the teddy bead shape! so pretty! thank you malflu so much!!

p.s. oh and i forgot to mention, that i sent a package with the pin cushion to Kami yesterday! hope she'll have it in her hands very soon. and i hope her's pin cushion will arrive here any day!



  1. Gratuluję wygranej! :) Guziki do scrapbookingu są mrau :D
    Na szczęście moja mama jest krawcową, ma takie przepastne pudełko z szufladkami... ;)

  2. ciesze się, że tak szybko dotarły :-) a wywiało mnie do Małża w cudne rejony Podbeskidzia ;-)


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