Sunday, April 18, 2010

sewing day

another day of learning how to sew, i'm happy cuz i'm gettin better and better! slowly.. but better! ;d here is another coaster.. it's a simple thing but i think it's cute.. ;p (material found about a year ago in a second hand :) - it was a pillowcase before)
and here.. my first Simple Tote!!!! i'm soooo glad! you can't imagine! it looks simple, but it isn't that simple in reality.. well for me, an amateur in sewing.. it's a good job! and again: i'm soooooooo glaaaad of myself!!!!! ;d it doesn't look very pretty, but it's the material's fault.. i have only fabrics from old pillowcases or sheets.. but anyway.. she is sooo beautiful!! i love this cind of bags. big and simple. ahh.. so happy. i hav to go somewhere to celebrate this day. i realized one of my dreams!! ahh ;d

now like i said, i'm going out.. so bye bye and have a superextra happy evening!



  1. :PP pamiętaj ze masz mi uszyć sukienke ^^

  2. your sewing is looking great, I love using old fabrics to make something new. Sometimes I forget to look for cool old pillowcases, they can have such a nice patter!

  3. Oj kiedy ja uszyję sobie torbę ???
    Czas , czas, czas :)


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