Thursday, April 15, 2010


i think i can add this day to a list of almost perfect days :):) why almost? few moments with my boyfriend and my friends and it would be PERRRRFECT! :)
1.lots and lots of sleep (13h?)
2.nice weather (i really like rain sometimes.. it's so fresh today)
3.quick going out to Pogoria City Center to receive a package from abroad.. with..
Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book!! i dreamed about it for a while.. and now i have it!! (and omg couting money from euro to polish zloty is unreal!! people this book is dirt-cheap abroad, and here i paid a fortune for it!! it's just insane!! it isn't published in Poland, so it's in English, difficult but good for me, cuz i have in may a super hard exam of english, so translating it will help me a lot i think)
now continuation:
4.when i was coming back home, a funny locked guy made my mood even better home.. i started to sew!!
thanks to Moje Zielone Wzgórze's tutorial and my sewing machine I made 2 cases for tissues!
the first one is quite tight so it will be in my tote. and the second one is bigger, so it will stay on my desk :):) still learning how to use my sewing machine.. but i love it!!
6. and now, after sewing i think i'll eventually watch Twilight New Moon, i didn't saw it earlier :)
nice nice day. full of relax! wish you a full of relax day also :):)

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