Monday, August 16, 2010


i sewed two blind folds today.. they are pretty croocked.. but who cares :)
on the photos you can also see my two new (vintage?) lamps i bought in a second hand;p (it was a big suprise to see a second hand with a lot of things - not just clothes in the place where i was spending my holidays with my boyfriend :)) and a brand new alarm clock;d haha i was in love when i saw it. first i saw the same one but about 10 times bigger but it was too expensive.. and too big;p so i bought this one. cute, isn't it?;p

later i'll try to write a relation from our holidays in Kudowa Zdrój and from Woodstock :):)



  1. No to ja czekam na relacje z tych wakajszon ;] fajny ten zegarek , czyżbyś sobie teraz dekorowała pokój w stylu lat 50,60?;>

    a te "opaski" ( baba ze wsi - nie wiem jak to fachowo się nazywa ;P ) to genialne są ;D ta z koronką mi się podoba ;D

  2. ale powiem ci ze ja tez nie wiem jak to sie nazywa haha;d tak fachowo;d opaski na oczy i tyle;p a jak chcesz to moge ci zrobic taka ;d fajnie sie w tym spi czego sie nie spodziewalam;d a relacja juz niedlugo;p a pokoju nie dekoruje na takie lata.. znaczy.. ee;d nie wiem jak mi sie cos spodoba z tych lat to tak, ale wole pomieszanie wszystkih mozliwych stylow i miec w pokoju bombe stylow;d

  3. your blind folds are soooo cuuuute!!!I've halways wonted one of them...and yours are so nice!

    So is your new alarm granpa has one like your (but mooore older ;P) and I love it! (except for the noise it makes in the morning...grrr... and your new vintage purchase is fantastic!!!

  4. Do spania? Druga bardzo fajna :)

  5. Oh, cute! :) And I looove your lamps!! :) I've been looking for a cute vintage one for my living room to no avail!


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