Sunday, August 29, 2010

bags.. bags.. bags.. bags..

hearty coaster for ann. quite 'fat' cuz it has a batting inside :)

coaster for my tea-pot, also with batting

muffins we cooked with ann yesterday. they look and taste good;d we should cook&bake more often;d am i right ann?? ;d

two coaster matching the tea-pot coaster (the main reason why i made them was drinking yerba-mate. it always makes a lot of mess;d)

bag for grubcio. for the bag-exchange :) hope she will like it :) it's big and it has a deep pocket inside for a phone or keys :)

SOLD!! and here is my first sold bag!! ann bought it from me :) an i have to admit i really like it :) two pockets inside, big and it looks nice. better in reality - seriously :)

and a bag i got from the bag-exchange few days ago from mada. it's HUGE!!

all things in this post, which i sewed are from recycled materials;d

hope you like it :) more photos when i'll get them from ann :)


  1. I love the last coasters, they are a great pattern! I love to drink yerba mate too but mainly coffee (:

  2. Podkładka w czerwone serduszka jest urocza!!! :)
    Bardzo podoba mi się też torba w czerwone i fioletowe pasy, ale z tego co widzę, nie tylko mi! :D

  3. Ja poproszę te Wasze muffiny :D aż nabrałam ochoty na coś dobrego :D

  4. podkładki pod kubeczki i torby - co więcej potrzebne kobiecie do szczęścia :)))
    świetne rzeczy szyjesz!


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