Saturday, November 13, 2010

preare yourself for a long post!

at last i took out a keyboard from my parent's room.. and i can write.. it isn't very comfortable, but i can write normal words!!!!
please don't laugh;d

my little current dream:
Lomo Fisheye One Black
and this dream is probably comming true..thanks to my A. ;*
thank you ;*

nails.. still painting my nails.. in a different way almost every day..

unfortunately i'm too lazy to photograph them every day;p

now little learning.. don't worry, not stu-dy-ing at the universitet but learning how to stitch bind:
it wasn't very difficult.. lots of time it took but now, it's my french bible. i'll try to write all grammar etc. we learn on our french classes. it's a really difficult language for a lazy person like me..;p

some photos of my quite old notebook, which is my calendar and organiser:)
 i really like those simple photos of those simple stamps.. :):)

few fabrics which i am in love with.. from here

this Michael Miller's collection looks really great..

and here another stitch binding something. i think it should be my scrapbooking crapsorganiser.. like this on the last photo.this 'album' is quite big.. don't remember dimenions.. to lazy to get up and check it..
oh, why am i so lazy?

and now.. please applaud!
a new.. really beautiful.. believe me.. it it beautiful in reality..
my new handmade, stitch binded, 'recycled' fabric (second-hand) and recycled some of the sheets of paper.. stylized to old-looking.. notebook!
the tape on the cover is coloured by strong, dark tea..
 the same is with the string :)

 Every page is stylized toold-looking.. of course i used also tea to do it :)
first and last page with big tea stains
 every page opens great, without annoying curves
 all other pages are coloured only on the corners
 i used some pages with super old (first year of art school) drawings.. i know that they aren't good;d ahaha;d
 another recycled page with drawing..
 and.. the back. simple as you can see..
you can't imagine how proud i am of it! you really can't imagine. and the best thing is that i have no idea what to do with it! first it was ment to be a calendar, but i have one all the time, the one which i sewed few months ago.. then some kind of journal.. then.. something with quotations which i like to write up from books i'm reading.. but now.. i think it will be a 'wszystko i nic' ('everything and nothing'-like in my blog tittle) book.
everything and nothing
it really looks better in reality.. i like it so much..:)

now, i should go to bed.. i have a big test on Monday, and (again) i'm too lazy to prepare for it;d
but i hope i'll get down to business tomorrow.



  1. ten grubaśny notes jest fantastyczny! piękny materiał, koronka i tyyyle kartek! a może art journal? takie modne się zrobiły ostatnio ;) ważne żeby nie leżał pusty, bo szkoda by go było... i nie przejmuj się lenistwem, to podobno nasza cecha narodowa ;) hahha

  2. dokladnie 444strony xd dziekuje;d a co do art journala to ja tak wlasciwie nie mam pojecia co to jest ahaha;d

  3. w końcu masz klawiature :D A i te Twoje paznokcie ;] i te Twoje rękodzieła - ja też chce miec do czegos takiego cierpliwość ;]

  4. Hi! I don't know if you speak french so I try in english.. I find your blog on an other french blog and i like it! it's really funny!
    Hope I will "see" you soon!

  5. art journal to po prostu artystyczny pamiętnik, a szczegóły zależą już od Twojej wizji :) myślę, że 'wszystko i nic' spokojnie można pod to podciągnąć :D


Thank you for your comment! <3


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