Friday, November 26, 2010

nothing interesting..

i'm just writing something to show you that i'm still alive :)
i had few tests this week.. and can you imagine, that i passed only one? and it was a test from french! now that was quite a shock. i need some kind of a kick to start learning.. it's not secondary school.. i need to learn if i want to pass everything!

but my lazyness does not help me. the picture below.. you can see what i was doing during literatury classes. oh how i will regret my lazyness when the test will come in january! grr..

ohhhha and here a picture advertising the film julie&julia
i recomend this film to all of you! it's about cooking, blogging.. but the main topic is.. passion.. doing what you seriously love to do.. so that why all of you bloggin people should watch it!
and of course the original english version! english jokes.. meryl streep.. ahh;d

now i'm going straight to bed. have a nice weekend :)


edit: 1:15
another journal page.. i made it very fast.. thats probably why it is so NOT beautiful.

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  1. przyjdzie sesja to dostaniesz takiego kopa, że ho ho ;) niestety językowe studia mają to do siebie, że kilka zarwanych nocy nie wystarczy żeby opanować choćby cały materiał leksyklany (a na takich jeseś jak się domyślam :> ), więc kopię już teraz ;)
    film oglądałam i bardzo mi się podobał, szczególnie partie opowiadające historię Julii Child :) tylko niestety nie mam porównania z książką... a może Ty czytałaś? :)


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