Saturday, December 04, 2010

it's not a good day.. and its only 12a.m!!!!

i'm fighting with a beginning illness.. and 20 minutes ago i got a phone call from my employer that they changing the localisation of the restaurant and they don't want me to finish the paintings. fuck!
it's just not fair. they said that they will pay me for all the paintings i have finished.. but 1 more weekend and i would finish everything!
i'm not angry, i'm feeling miserable. they just swindled me! i was trying to contact with them for 4 weeks now. and every time when i was phoning they were picking up and saying that they will call me back. the weekend was passing and there wasn't any 'calling back'. and suddenly today the employer's fiancée phoned and told me everything.. ehh i just hate when people swindle me! and they are doing it more and more often! well, as we can see if you are trying to be a good person, everyone is 'fucking' you ;/..
i don't even have photos of all the finished walls.. i have just photographed those three paintings..

and here i started two new notebooks.. i have to start selling them.. cuz beacuse of that big swindle i won't have money soon.. :(
oh.. and i visited few second hands with my friend Karolina yesterday.. it was a nice time:):) and i bought a lot of crappy (oh i love them) things ;d but i'll show you when they will be clean..



  1. Ouff, I'm sorry to hear about your painting job, that's terrible. But you are a really talented painter/artist :)!

    Aha thankyou :) and thanks! Yeah, the mini chocolate muffins were more like cupcakes because they were supposed to be brownies!

  2. MAtko, ludzie to jednak są... szkoda Twojego wysiłku który w te ściany włożyłaś...;/ porażka..

  3. replying to your comment:
    yes exactly. I'll leaving anonymous and inpirational things around in stores or stuff and people will find them. I see it sometimes here and it really makes your day!

  4. bardzo nieprzyjemna sytuacja i z całego serca współczuję... niestety coraz częściej można spotkać takich ludzi :/ ale głowa do góry, na pewno znajdzie się wiele osób, które będą potrafiły należycie docenić Twój talent i włożoną pracę :*


Thank you for your comment! <3


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