Monday, January 31, 2011

pogoria lake.. frozen

it's not a really crafty post, but i hope you will like it anyway :)
we went for a little trip two days ago, the wather was nice, freeze but nice. we went to Pogoria Lake III, which was frozen (that was a suprise)

we were making photos.. but mainly just enjoying this time together :)
the day before our little trip, my A. made a pinhole camera which you can see on the photo below, it's made from a match box. we hope that some of the photos will appear on the film, it was our first time with a handmade pinhole camera and the hole through which the light is coming was a bit too big, we read that if the hole is a bit too big photos can be less sharp.. i hope they will be less sharp, i just want them to be there when i will develope the film!
and here are photos from our little walk around Pogoria Lake III, i hope you like them.. they're not artistic but i really like the climate on them.. :)
below, me :) and the frozen lake behind me
can you see on the photo below, those little black spots? those spots are people fishing through a hole in the ice :)

and as usually we have found some crap which we had to photograph! :)
again.. me.. and my hair.. and the frozen lake :)

and now three photos of a heart.. which is made from my sole! :)
and my lovely analogue camera.. i need to buy a lot of films for spring :)
haha and our foot steps!
bus.. on our way home.. nothing special :)

and yesterday evening, during a films 


Pride & Prejudice

i made a front page of my new photo journal.. nothin special, i'm not good in this scrapbook works :)
 and the first page inside, also.. nothin artistic :)

 oh and i started lerning to knit, and i have to admit it's not for me! on this photo it looks quite not croocked, but it is very croocked.. i'm starting again and again and it's always croocked! haha;d i'll try more.. but.. it will probably look the same haha;d well it's not for my, but i was good to check it! :)

and look what i got!
thank you ;*

don't forget about my candy, it ends today at 00:00! 



  1. Hey, I would like to pass on the Stylish Blogger award to you and your blog! because this little award was passed on to me. Basically this means I think your blog is an inspiration and also very stylish (:

    If you want to check out my post you can play along. If you don't want to/have time that's ok too (:

    I hope your Monday is sunny and bright


  2. nie ma u mnie nigdzie gazetki :((( jak byś znalazła u siebie ;* czemu po angielski, jaki tumok jestem ;] zdjęcia mi się podobają :) UŚ? co studiujesz;*

  3. Maryyyysza a łaaaj oh łaj Ty tylko po obcojęzycznemu piszesz? :(
    Ja wszystko trybię ale męczące to to ahaha

    Dzięki że zaglądasz :*:*

  4. podoba mi się tutaj wszystko:)i cieszę się, że w końcu podszlifuję język obcy:)
    zapraszam do siebie po wyróżnienie...

  5. Your photos are awesome too :)
    Koko =^_^=


Thank you for your comment! <3


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