Sunday, January 03, 2010


my NEW love from today is.. FELT! (filc)
i was in a shop with things for hobbys, and I found few colours o felt. i bought a green and a black one to try to do a cover for my mobile phone.. i had it first time in my hands and i love it already!! i wanted to do my project for tomorrow's stained glass lessons.. but it was stronger.. i started doing this cover, without measuring.. i just wanted to start sewing as soon as possible;p

and here it is. don't laugh! seriously i didn't sew since i was little and i had felt first time in my hands! so be understanding!
little crooked.. but i really love it! :)
a small pretty thing for me before TOMORROW.. before going back to school, and before starting doing my diploma work.. wish my luck!

happy hugs before tomorrow for you all!


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