Tuesday, January 12, 2010

second cover

this time a cover for my beloved iPod, i know it isn't a masterpiece, but i like it the way it is. and i know some day i'll learn to sew quite good. for now, i'm satisfied :):)
i dunno what to do next? so many colours and i have no idea what to do. maybe something for valentines day? dunno. i should learn mathematics instead of thinking about felt!!!!
i started cutting my diploma work from stained glass today. oh it is so hard for me and i'm doing it so slowly.. wish me luck :)
saturday, sunday, shopping and my A. this was a exhausting weekend! we were in cracov and in czeladź looking for things for our prom. if you really want to buy something you can't find it or possibly you will find it but in a deep space price!!
luckly after 2 days of walking around shops, shops, shops and SHOPS i found everything i needed. maybe i'll show something after the prom.
ok, i'm going to bed now, cuz after this little sewing my eyes are soooo tired!


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