Sunday, January 03, 2010

hello in 2010 :)

i'm so happy right now, you can't even imagine :). i'm just a little bit ill right now, and i spent one of the most New Years Eve weekend ever. seriously. we didn't go to the seaside like we planned, but still it was magical! unfortunately i have no photos (usulally, if i have a veeeery good time, i forget about doing photos - quite normal i think).
why this weekend is magical? i spent it with my love. it was quite romantic (you will probably think i'm crazy, but my definition of romantism is quite weird). on the New Years Eve we spent few hours at my flat doing nothing, then we went to my friend's house, we meet there my other 2 mates and we went to the city centre to see fireworks and to see some people. talking, drinking (except me), talking....
at 00.00 the fireworks started. you won't believe how magical it was. the most beautiful fireworks a have ever seen and we were standing in the perfect spot. we thought that they will place them somewhere near the scene, but no! the louncher was 10m from us so the fireworks were perfectly above our heads!! so soo sooo soooo beautiful!!!! kissing and then watching the fireworks was perfect. i really felt the New Years Eve atmosphere. loved it. then we went to my friend's house for music, alkohol and some laugh. at 4a.m. we went to my flat to get some sleep. the next day we were doing nothing. seriously nothing. eating sweets and lazing together (so beautiful). and today. today was perfect too. we went to the cinema (last time we were together in the cinema was a year ago!!!!) to see Avatar 3D (genious, seriously genious! go and see it in 3D, NOW!! GO!! - and buy popcorn with caramel - omg soooo delicious!). After this genious movie we went to a shop with crap (love it) and to a pet shop (i'm in love with degu -koszatniczka? and with a white chinchilla, but i can only dream about them....). and we were eating icecreams and some other sweet stuff like japanese mix, bananas in joghurt and caramels. i'm probably boring you right now, but everything was soooo perfect for me. after that we went back to my flat, to my room, we were watching a genious animated movie "Wallace and Gromit - the course of the Were-Rabbit" (very funny) and we were drinking champagne. now my A. is going home. wish i could see him every day..
hope you have spent your dreamed New Year's Eve. oh and I hope you all are healthy.

hugs for my friend Krzysiu, who lost his contact lense yesterday and was sad after that :) hope you'r smiling now!


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  1. No to widzę że sie nie nudziłaś i dobrze ;)) a ja nie widziałam wystrzałów w tego sylwestra buu :(( gdy powiedziałam że to buba nie widzieć wystrzałów dowiedziałam się że tylko dzieci cieszą z wystrzałów i ze ja jeszcze z tego nie wyrosłam - no cóż nie wyrosłam ^^ a co do tego zdj na blogu tooo hmm yyy nie wiem chciałam spróbować coś innego :) i po Twojej reakcji moge powiedziec że chyba mi sie udało ;)
    list już jutro wyśle - spokojnie - priorytetem ;p :* buziak chorowitku :P


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