Friday, March 12, 2010


except learning HISTORY OF ART (o.O), polish, english and mathematics.. today's lame excuse: learning how to sew by my sewing machine - Kornelia ;p, and making a new cover for my calendar - Noname.
a dice. in reality it is very croocked! it's the first thing i sewed by my sewing machine!!!! it isn't artistic etc. i just wanted to sew on quick something 3D. for a try.. and it's not finished, i didn't do all the dots;p well i have to say, that me and Kornelia are getting closer and closer! slowly.. but closer;d
and the cover of my mini calendar, not complicated, small amount of work and very quick.
oh and i forgot to write, what i have heared on the last episode of Grey's Anatomy (sezon 6th, episode 16th - woohoo tomorrow 17th!), if you know and lovelovelovelove this serial (like meeee) it must be funny for you..
Meredith and Cristina to Little Grey: 'Your heart lives in your vagina!!' (she is sleeping with Carev!!)
ok, enough of my stupidoooo writing..
and if i'll disappear suddenly from the internet.. don't be suprised, my computer hates me.. or at least it's gettin revenge on me beacuse of it's 18h a day work;p forgive me! and don't leave me before the exam of history of art!! i need you!!
can't wait ttyl Saturday..


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