Monday, March 29, 2010


now this weekend wasn't a very happy time.. but there was some good things like spending good time with my family from Poznań, my parents and my boyfriend.. :) and i got a pretty package with the candy i won here. i was slowly learning how to sew also, thanks to freckled nest tutorial and the candy i won (materials!!) i did a super small pin cushion - just for excersize (nothing artistic o.O). and thanks to a book about sewing I bought last weekend, sewing on my sewing machine is easier o.O

candy i won :)

pin cushion i sewed :)

oh and i got back my computer from the service! i'm so happy! and now i'll be installing programmes all day.. :):)

i hav to go tho school now.. get over my diploma work!! joupiee!! wish you (and myself;p) a good start of this week! good luck!


  1. Cieszę się,że przesyłka dotarła.Mam nadzieję,że coś z tych rzeczy się przyda.Pozdrawiam.

  2. przeciez juz sie przydaly!! :)


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