Thursday, July 29, 2010

a sad story of a croocked patchwork

few days ago i started sewing together 80 little (12x12cm -> 10x10cm) squares..
i didn't want to make the back from a classic fabric, but i wanted something waterproff.. so i was looking for a cheap oilcloth (cerata). when i finished sewing together all those squares they didn't look bad. of course they were croocked, but not very bad.. i couldn't wait to finish my first big patchwork..
i wanted this to be a blanket for picnics or other little walking trips.. sometimes the grass is wet, so a waterproff back would be perfect..

yesterday i found the oilcloth.. it wasn't very expensive and it looked cheerfull :)

today i woke up.. ate breakfast.. and started sewing the oilcloth and the squares together.. now i have finished.. and it looks like this..
from a big distance like this it looks quite good, doesn't it?

from this distance you can see that the squares are sewed together not very straight..

and here you can see.. that everything gone wrong.. it's croocked.. very croocked.. i'm so disapointed! you know, someone who doesn't sew won't see it immediately.. but for us.. it's just unbeliveable!! :(

i'm sad because of this croocked patchwork!! :(

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