Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a short relation from Grunwald

this photo relation will be super short cuz i didn't have time to do photos.. but i'm happy because of that cuz a lot of photos means usually that i'm bored;d

our tent and stand (before)

a lot of stands (silence, tourists didn't torture us that day)

a lot of fights were organised behind our stands, but we didn't have time to watch them.. it was just a short walk to see where wverything is situated :)
our two other stands and my friend Sybilla next to her desk where she was writiing names on certyficates :) (i had more space and our bosses were always with her;d ha;d)

and my stand (after haha;d)

our half-naked neighbour;d

me, on my friend's stand. this thing on my head was just for this photo;p

and a short video i took during a little break.. you can see the knights and woman crossing by..

my little space where i was writting :) (little cuz we had here a lot of products :))

the famous Grunwald Battle (em.. from the place where i was sitting i saw only little dots, not fighting knights)

and here is something funny..

i was sleeping.. and it was great storm outside.. well i thought that it's raining about half an hour.. but omg i wasn't half an hour.. but like hmm.. 2/3hours ;o and the best part is that Artur and Sybilla were drinking coffee outside the tent and they were just watching and laughing!! haha;d (....). I woke up and saw water in our tent. few minutes later and we could swim on our mattresses!! on this photo you can see my legs (i'm wearing shoes) when i stand up and tried to safe our bags, rucksacks, clothes etc. (everything was under the water haha).

you are probably suprised why we had such great moods even when we almost loose all our things.. well this trip/work was an unbeliveable fun. i met a lot of great people. but this work was really pleasant. contact with people, drinking beer and laughing all the time. i'm not really able to write/show you how fun it was.. you have to believe in my words :)
It was really a great time.
the strangest thing is that i didn't see anyone from here..


  1. Niezle was dolalo, zazdroszcze tego Grunwaldu choc slyszlama straszne rzeczy o organizacji.

  2. Nieźle :)) Tak czy inaczej jest co wspominać pewnie :D

  3. i ja żałuję...można było pogawędzić :-)

  4. Łooo ale cie dawno nie odwiedziłam na blogu ;D fajne masz tu zdjecia przynajmniej widze jak to wyglądało ;D a ten filmik, hehe troche dostałam skręćka oglądając go :P hehe


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