Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new bag

about my trip a bit later. now i want to show you my new bag :) i bought 2 new fabrics when i was on Grunwald. i love the canvas fabric. it's super hard, resistant and it looks good with almost everything (in my oppinion :)) and i had it cheaper cuz our 'neighbours' sold them cheaper for me :)

attention: it looks a lot better in reality - i'm not in mood to think about good photos..
i was to lazy to press it when i finished sewing everything;p it's my first bag with a handle which can change lenght :)

and also, it's my first time with a zippered pocket - method of trial and error - and omg it's soooo crocked;p

size of this bag: it can fit an A4 or even few centimetres bigger books (for studies :( tomorrow i'll get the final information if the university accepted me on evening classes on my dreamed specialization.. my chances are very low.. but i still have a glimmer of hope.. anyway wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.. cuz it always helps :))

and look what i got in the mail yesterday :)
the price i won from Juunka's candy!
a lot great and usefull stuff! i always wanted brads like those! and i'm already in love with the shains brancelet! and the sticker 'the future is analogue is just perfect! thank you so much! it was an unbeliveable luck! everything is lovely but i think it would take a lot of time to write about every object from this little chest! ;d

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  1. no no widze ze coraz to lepsze rzeczy Ci wychodza ;D ech a ze szkoła to trzeba mieć nadzieje, napisz jak już bedziesz wszystko wiedzieć ;)


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