Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unsatisfying Journal

The latest Craft Challenge at Art Piaskownica I decided to make about notebooks.. I was surprised that I haven't thought about it earlier! I'm obsessed with all kinds of journals and notebooks. Girls from the design team also liked this idea so we started creating.. and what? I made one of the worst journals! Well it's not that it is super ugly or something.. I'm just horrified how I mixed styles and patterns.. and it really didn't came out as I thought it would.. ehh.. just take a look!
The cover is made of thick cardboard covered with a lovely, delicate fabric.
I tried to make a closure by an elastic band but forgot that it will be visible at the back too, so I used a dotty fabric to cover it.. (as you can see these two fabrics don't really match together).
I made rough pages and painted them with brown ink (it looks like red.. but nevermind) and the pages are now too rough and don't match the delicate cover!
I also forgot how to make notebooks with hardcover and I ruined the inside too! :(
This notebook already has a new owner, but I really don't understand why she wanted it!
I hope I won't make similar mistakes in the future.. how could I use so many different patterns and styles in one thing? It's like I have never sewed earlier! Uhh.. I'm really unsatisfied with this journal.. but maybe you have a different opinion about it.. I will be glad to hear it! Even if it will be similar as mine! :)

Keep your fingers crossed for all my tests this week.. it'll be a nightmare!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Ojj tam,każdemu zdarza się czasem praca pod tytułem "za dużo wszystkiego",mnie nawet często. Uszy do góry! :)

  2. a mi się bardzo podoba :)
    jakby notes ocalały z odmętów historii

  3. Marysza tkanina i notes cudowne ;)

  4. jest piękny i móóóóóóóóóój :) dziękuję :*


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