Monday, July 20, 2009

cracow! kraków!

few days we ago we planned a trip to cracow. yesterday our plan was perfect! first Marketplace, my favourite Café 'COFFEE SHOP COMPANY', see some Basilicas, Centre For The Documentation Of The Art Of Tadeusz Kantor, Wawel Cathedra, photos next to the Crakow's Dragon, sit somewhere near the Wisła River (Vistula), visit the Chocolate Gallery and go to Crakow's Gallery to maybe buy some clothes from sales;p
of course we confused everything when we arrived!

first.. Cracow's Gallry.. and THE ICE CREAM SHOP!
ice creams were sooo delicious.. so big.. and sooo delicious! i had coconut and a banana flavours. i'm actually in love with the banana one!

here's Asia with her banana and white-chocolate flavours.. mine were better!

Asia was doing photos of me almost all day. i'm scared of the digi-camera from today. seriously!

and the CHOCOLATE GALLERY. i'm sooo sad because it was closed! we walked few kilometres to see this gallery.. and what? they had a RENOVATION! do you understand?! a renovation the day i wanted to go there!

Asia and the dragon agrrrr!

me, Asia and Wawel Cathedra

1. ok, i'll try
2. HELP!
3. yay!

and the second place i really wanted to visit. Centre For The Documentation Of The Art Of Tadeusz Kantor. We were there after 2p.m. and OF COURSE it was open from 10a.m. - 2p.m.
WHY?! Whyyyy..

After this exhausting walk we went to my beloved café.
On the photo my love. My bigbigbig love - big hot chocolate from 'COFFEE SHOP COMPANY' and Asia;p

Now i'm going to bed, i'm very tired.. It was a very nice trip. And a very nice day.
can't wait till Wednesday..
A. ;*


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