Wednesday, July 15, 2009


it's 31 degreece hot! to hot for going anywhere (except the Pogoria Lake, but i have no time to go there!). tomorrow my cousin Asia is visiting me (for a week!). i have no idea what can we do in this town, i hope i will think out something funny. my alergy is killing me on every not rainy day! i'm starting a war with it. SERIOUSLY. i will defeat it by means of vitamins!

oh, talking about vitamins.. i lovelovelove cherrys!
today, whilst eating cherrys i took some photos:)

and when i was comming back from my grand parents today i picked up some ashberrys (i don't know what for, but they were so pretty - i had to pick up some!)

so lovely colours!

i did't pic up flowers this summer (YET!)

song for the moment: radio


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