Thursday, July 30, 2009


lovely village! lovely people (not everyone - just ones i live with)
i love spending time here. we're doing nothing important. walks with Dingo (i love this dog), films on this enormous tv, eating delicious meals and my cousins. my lovely cousins Asia & Piotrek.

on the photo Dingo (and in the backwards Piotrek).
the most beautiful and crazy dog i've seen.

and here me and Asia (the photographer - Piotrek tried to do something from his fingers.... he is mad). This photo is from yesterday - we visited Beskidzkie Morskie Oko. We were walking up a big hill. I was exhausted after 50m walking.

Tomorrow we are visiting Krynica city. I hope it won't be very hot - i hate trips when it's very hot.

More photos when i'll be back home because i don'thave photos from my digi-camera on this computer.

Ohh and i can't wait
Wednesday - i'll probably
see my A. then - i miss him..


  1. zdjecie drugie powinno byc zatytulowane "bliskie spotkanie z ekshibicjonista". nawet twoja usmiechnieta radosnie buzia swiadczy o tym, ze z przodu jest ciekawy widok.
    oczywiscie ze nie bede komentowac po angielsku, do tego musze uzywac mozgu.
    bede sledzic. muah:*

  2. a, no i ta katarzyna to ja,dziergaczow:P

  3. hahaha czyli jednak kuzynowi sie udalo;p


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