Saturday, July 18, 2009

stuffy day!

we (me and my cousin Asia) have met with Ania today. sweet beers (desperados - yummy!), grass, stuffy air, nice atmosphere :). we were talking about stuff and laughing. ania was talking and talking all the time about what happened on our school trips, open airs etc. - she was introducing my cousin to our school life;p

my lovely cousin Asia (she will kill me because of this photo)

and Ania during a funny history :)

we were sitting there about 1,5h then we went to a shop.. and suddenly (oh maybe not that suddenly) rain! rainstorm! when we got to my home we had EVERYTHING wet! ania stayed an hour (to get dry) and unfortunately she went home (she was late for 3 buses.. no comment;p)

oh! i forgot! i got a parcel! at least! i'm soooo happy (few colorful papers, violet buttons.. other toys and i'm full of happiness). now i'm waiting for some free time alone, to do something for my friends - try to do.

i can't wait to Wednesday! i'll see my A. just for few hours, but i'm very happy i'll see him, next randez-vous with my love will be in August..

A. ;*

p.s. i forgot to mention about my weird relation with Ania. it's seriously weird. i like this girl very much. veryvery much! but every time, when i talk with her i'm stressed. i'm so stressed, that i confuse words, opinions etc. it's very weird! i talk normaly with other friends.. it looks like she is a guru for me or something;p

someone please explain it to me?! PLEASE!


  1. huh? kill you??

    what stressssssssssssssssss??
    i'm mized up...i'm a guru? for example what?
    the height of idiocy? xDD

    i'm sorry to have put you to my horrible english xD

  2. and 'i'm mixed up' of course xDD

  3. hehe i don't know why. you just are!
    good that you corrected - mixed, cuz i was thinking and thinking what mized means;p


Thank you for your comment! <3


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