Saturday, June 19, 2010

finished patchwork

i finished the patchwork tablecloth in the morning today. i want to try to sew a twill tape to it but i don't have 2m of it. i ordered yesterday some twill tapes etc. so on monday i'll probably have them. anyway i like it. it is croocked just a little on maybe two or three elements so i'm happy and glad;p it looks a lot better in reality, and i forgot to press it before putting on the chest of drawers (thats why it looks croocked on the photo). my mom wants a similar one for a table in the kitchen;o but it is so much work.. i dunno when i'll start doing it.. :)
oh and i bought paper flowers for scrapbooking at last! now i can start doing some cards (i always wanted flowers like those!)

hope you have a good weekend :)


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