Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hello beautiful

scrapbooking from fabrics;p
my own handmade notebook! i made earlier some small or medium notebooks (one i'm using as a 'craftbook' with all ideas) but they had covers from paper. and this one i sewed today. and omg so much cutting! 214 pages! i wanted to do just a cover for my old notebook, but later i decided that i need a new one for my new school (pleeease please please please admit me!!) ;p oh and the papers are from my old exercise books with remainding pages from old schools.. :)
hope you like it.. it looks a lot cutter and better in reality than in those photos :)

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  1. Ty to masz parcie na takie rzeczy :) Powiem Ci ze Ci ładny wyszedł oj ładny :D


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