Monday, June 28, 2010


i went hunting today.. for fabrics.. and even some clothes with one of my favourite readers - foxy!;p and omg we visited about.. 10 second-hands? but 2 were clothes (maybe fortunately..). we bought a lot of things;d foxy had an obsession about blouses today;d she bought 6? or even more;p and i bought some fabrics and two lovely clothes! :) we spent so much money.. but we would never buy some many beautiful things in normal shops.. spending the same amount of money. so it was a super good investment! and omg you won't believe how tired we were after 5 second-hands! the weather was awful! so stuffy..

a lovely jumper! i was looking for one, and it was 50% off so i caught it quickly! and a super cute little bolero (bolerko?). i cant imagine how much money i would spent for this two things in the shops where they came from (ESPIRIT and ONLY).
and lots of lovely materials (few of them are from my earlier hunting with my boy on the beginning of the week (the striped blue one, blue, polka dots, with hearts and the white one with a small pattern)
the rest is from today. the stiped purple-orange-red-white one is so so so so big! and the one with blue flowers also. i wanted few more but they were a little bit too expensive for my wallet today.. but anyway i'm very happy we went on a spontanious trip over our town! ha;d

oh and now stresfull news.. my final exams results will be announced on wednesday!! aa!!

now REST! i'm very tired after today :) can't wait when i'll cut my new fabrics.. oh but they will wait.. now work is more important.. :)

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  1. Też mam jutro wyniki egzaminów. Od tego zależy, czy czeka mnie kampania wrześniowa, czy też nie. Ps. Materiały cudne :)


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