Sunday, February 27, 2011

no sewing, no creating :(

i  really don't like my two last weekends..
 studying.. or thinking about strudying.. :(
one pleasant thing, i can learn to write on my typewriter when i make some homerwork o.O

lots and lots of words to transcript.. about 300 o.O

and now.. i have to start learning for my test from introduction to literature theory 
help o.O

can't wait to make some notebooks!!! and to sew few new things.. so many ideas and so many new fabrics which are just waiting for me ;(

ohh and i watched Sweeney Tod yesterday.. i don't really like musicals, but except this little fact, i liked it :)
and this is my favourite scene from it haha;d

oh.. and i have found my clone today when i was looking for some nice images ;o
same hair color, haircut, lenght.. and same blouse;o


  1. Ojj biedna Ty... a i tych słówek to masz w uj i troche.. o.O

  2. fajne te włosy, tak apropo za tydzień stane się inną osobą - z wyglądu w sensie włosy, mówie im good bay :D

  3. i have to read beowulf. for, like, tomorrow? i wish i had to transcribe, i like transcribing, and i totally hate beowulf. ;)

  4. Your typewriter is awesome :))))
    I love Sweeney Todd too ;)


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