Friday, February 04, 2011

old film

 this weekend i finished an old black&white film in my analogue camrea.. i developed it today.. and here are some pics that i like from it.. :)

this one below is from this weekend, my A. with his little pinhole camera ;d
 Spodek in Katowice.. people who live in Poland know what am i talking about, it is a quite famous building.. but im too lazy to write something more about it ;p
 i have no idea where i took this photo o.O
 my A.'s pinhole camera.. it was made of an empty match box;d and it worked! we developed photos from it today also, but most of them are white because of the size of the hole through which the light comes (it was 0,8mm to0 big!)
 advertising McDonald's;d haha
 and as you can see.. i have also found a photo of one wall in the resaurant i was painting few months ago :( ahh what a shame i didn't finish it..
i was painting this little boy's room in September.. he is sooooo cute! i had to take few photos of him! ;d
 photos from a bus?! don't know why i took them;p

have a nice friday!

analogue photography is good.. you will never know what photos you will see when developing a older film!


  1. Lovveee the photos ♥
    what type of camera do you have again?

  2. hmm those photos are from my analogue MINOLTA 505 SI SUPER with a nice lens (but i dunno whats the name of it;p)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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