Monday, March 14, 2011


new notebook, finished today morning!
this time it's a bigger one, size A5
this feather was really a hard work.. but i'm happy i managed to sew it.
pages creamy, as usually
200 pages
my camera didn't cooperate with me today..
grey linen interior :)
and here a comparison to those smaller notebooks (A6)

ahh my digital camera is sooo annoying today! bad photos, really bad photos!

ahh this was a wonderful weekend for me :) first meeting with my friend ann on Saturday.. 3h talking about films? that's sick;d but we love it!
[ann's new hair colour is gorgeous!]

and on Sunday date with my A.;*
[we watched the most stupid film ever -> 'Bruno' - if you have weak nerves, don't watch it]

how was your weekend?



  1. Захожу на вашу страничку, и настроение поднимается!!! Любуюсь Вашими творениями! ))

  2. jaaaa oszalałam na jego punckie xD

  3. wow ten też jest piękny a robiłas może z elfami?

  4. ojj z elfami jeszcze nie robilam, ostatnio mam manie na takie zwykle, bez zadnych wyszywanek.. wlasnie jestem w trakcie robienia zwyklego kropkowego :) ale kto wie, moze elfa tez kiedys zrobie;D

    dziekue za tysiac milych komentarzy! :):)


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