Monday, April 30, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

I'm back from the countryside.. I love being there with my A. everything is so fresh, green and you feel spring everywhere! ♥ Can't wait to visit my A.'s grannys again! :)

But enough about normal life - I have something to show you from the 'craft life'!

As I mentioned in the previous post I am honored to be one of SODAlicious' designers! And of course I had to start making something from their amazing products!
 As you can see I started with decorating my blank art-journal. I have to admit the paper from the cover is amazing - very thick and works good with watercolours! :)
 I am a bit terrified but still I cant wait to start making something inside it! ;d
 Another thing I wanted to show you - pins! I started wearing pins on my blouses..! It's something weird for me, I always liked pins but never really buy any.. patterns didn't really came to my taste.. but of course SODAlicious created amazing funky pins which look great with everything! And I'm sure I'm not going to use them on scraps ;d just for my clothes!
And last thing for today - postcards. I love all kinds of postcards. But these ones stole my heart immediately! First thought - I can't loose them because they are too pretty. So.. I put them on my 'full of everything' walls ;d as you can see they look amazing in glass frames!
 They really make me smile and totally inspire me when I look at them when I wake up :)
I hope you liked this post! :) Please tell me what you think!

I hope I will have some time soon for sewing!
Have a wonderful day!

products used: art journal / papers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / pins / postcards / tape


  1. Oh God. It's awesome ♥

  2. aaaaaaaż się chce mieć!!!!!! ej :) cudeńko

  3. Twój żurnal jest odjechany! :D szalony, ekspresyjny i nie mogę się doczekać środka

  4. wszystko wyglada super, juz sie nie moge doczekac kolejnych efektow Twojej wsolpracy z SODAlicious :)

  5. mmmm.. okładka wygląda fantastycznie! Świetny efekt zabawy akwarelami :D.. W środku na pewno będą same wspaniałe twory ;)

  6. Maryszka po takim sielskim wypoczynku z Twoim A. z pewnością jesteś pełna nowych pomysłów i inspiracji! Co widać zresztą w tym świetnym żurnalu! Bardzo mi się podoba:)

  7. Mniam, okładka bardzo, bardzo :)
    Ciekawa jestem, co wyczarujesz w środku :)

  8. Booskie chlapania, no po prostu prosze o wiecej :))

  9. Na allegro widziałam takie przypinki robione na zamówienie, w różnych rozmiarach :)


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