Monday, April 16, 2012

Spiralbound Black&White Planner

I forgot to show you one of the spiralbound small planners!!
 As you can see this one is from a black and white fabric. I'm in love with this fabric, unfortunately it's almost gone! :( Simple but beautiful, isn't it? :)
 200 pages size A6 with 3 colorful separating cards
 My favourite one is the one with lighthouses! Amazing pattern!
 If someone is interested you can buy it in my etsy shop, or just contact me on e-mail.
I sewed a lot this weekend but I can't show you anything yet! Uh! :(
Can't wait to show you my new projects.. I hope I will finish them soon.

And a bit of music inspiration.. :)
Have a great day!


  1. notes wspaniały !! zawsze podziwiam twoją staranność i dokładność wykonania ! i umiejętność łączenia różnych wzorów i kolorów w fajną całość ;)

  2. nieustannie zachwycasz :)

  3. Po raz kolejny cudowny notes :). Śliczne maleństwo, dokładnie i starannie wykonane :). Bardzo mi się podoba!

  4. fajniasty :) rzeczywiscie bardz ladny material :)


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