Wednesday, October 13, 2010


quite big backlogs in bloggin.. but i really don't have much time. usually i'm 1h using my fathers' computer (and olny o IT i can write). i use my own computer (with the broken keybord) just for printing somethin or just looking threw your blogs..
my days look like this: from monday to friday i wake up, drink yerba mate, eat breakfast, eat dinner and go to the university.. after that i usually go to bed cuz i'm fighting with a flu. next day.. i wake up, drink yerba mate.. etc.
weekends? if i paint walls of the italian restauration.. (except this weekend, cuz i visited cracov with my A. ;* - so only sunday was a work day)

is there something artistic? no
is there anything interesting to write about? no
is there any thing which i really like to do? yes. drink yerba mate..

but there are some advantages.. i'm starting to like my group.. and i'm less terrified maybe? maybe it's because i'm talkin with people from my group all the time? dunno.. but i like it :)

oh! and i got mail yesterday! it was a suprise from england! Ishin sent me some really beautiful stuff from the autumn exchange! i took some photos, but i will add them when i'll have a day off everything.. just for me.. :)


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  1. Ja nie wiem ledwo studia zaczęła i już czasu na nic nie ma :P btw ja tez zaczęlam od wtorku zajęcia :D tyle ze angielskiego :P najlepsze jest to ze na ulicach słysze ciągle chiński, niemiecki, i hiszpański ;] oczywiście angielskiego nie brakuje aleee :D trzymaj sie jako babo i pisz pisz pisz! ja w sumie tez nie mam czasu pisac z nmikim choćby na gg, staram sie dodawać w miare notki któe każdy sobie czyta, wiec nie musze każdemu pisac co u mnie :) bayyy


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