Sunday, October 31, 2010


well, this was a happy day! few minutes before my bus, my employer called me that i don't have to be in the restaurant today! so i wanted to relax, drink yerba mate and create some calligraphy..
but, we decided to meet (that is me and A.)
we met, and we had a great day! oh i missed him soooo much! ;*
everythin is back now to normal.. and i really like it this way! :)

afer i got back home, i started some calligraphy exercises and i started making projects of my tattoo. the first one is in my mind for a long time, but the second one is a sign.. and i want it to be done by mois! so for this moment, i have 2 little projects of it, the second one is nice, but its a decision forthe rest of my life, so i need more projects;d

i just want to finish that restauration and get money for it! agrr!

oh, and here are those today's exercies :)
i wont show you the tattoo sign.. not yet :)

have a nice weekend!


  1. Tatoo?? I have 3 words to say what I think : O M G ;] heh nice :) I have the hunch that this tatoo will be realy amazing!

  2. ooo aska szaleje z angielszczyzna;d snilas mi sie;d

  3. haha noooo kiedyś trzeba zacząć :D a skoro Ci sie śniłam to czy to było cos miłego?;>

  4. snilo mi sie ze wpadlas tu na kilka dni i poszlysmy na zakupy;p i ja ci wciaz powtarzalam, ze ty przeciez teraz w anglii mieszkasz to tam sie obkupiszxd


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