Monday, October 04, 2010

last week

here are some photos etc. from this past week. see this purple pen? remember THIS post? well i forgot about this pen.. cuz it was a bit too expensive for a pen, and i couldn't find this beautiful purple colour anywhere!! and my lovely A. suprised my, and the day after my birthday he gave me it!! i was so suprised!! and soooo happy! it's very heavy, but i like the way it writes already.. thank you!! ;*

and here, a cover for few of my pens and pencils.. earlier i had THIS one, but when it was up-side down i was loosing everything!! so, i had to sew a new one, cuz i really didn't want to lose my new purple pen!

last Monday, we changed our old windows.. into plastic ones.. and during cleaning the mess.. i found few of my not finished old paintings..

oh my gosh.. very old..

and.. on Friday.. i started painting the restaurant!! yay! at last! yesterday i finished the first wall. and omgoooosh people i'm in love with Italian food!! why? this restaurant, Italian of course.. has a very kind chef and boss.. and they cook fo me everything anytime from the MENU i want. i already put on weight!! haha;d pizza! spaghetti! rissotto! and many many more delicious dishes!! yumm.. but there is a lot off walls left.. i hope i'll finish it in October.. cuz i want to go shopping and i need that money!! haha;d

oh! and something about today. we had a student (I year) meeting.. and i'm a starost/senior (starosta?) i'm a bit stressed.. but i'm really happy with it :) hope i'll be good in it! :)

oh and i don't know why.. but most of the people i met today.. (i think) they think.. i'm crazy/insane and dum. hahahaha;d but i'm just overexcitable!! ;d



  1. Powodzenia w nowej roli pani starościno :) [nie jest tak źle, choć bywa to uciążliwe...] i niech Ci się dobrze pisze nowym sprzętem :)
    Pięknie malujesz!

  2. Paczuszka z jesienną wymianką już do Ciebie frunie :-) Pozdrawiam

  3. Ty nawet Ci wyszło :D hehe i fajne pióro :D tutaj jak na razie z tego co widziałam jest mnustwo genialnych sklepów ;] miałam jechac juz w sobote obczaić co nie co w Oxfordzie aleee nie wiem czy chce sie tam wybrtać sama , po tygodniu, miałam sie spotkać z koleżanka aleee nie wyszło ... buuu

  4. Świetne pióro!♥

    Dzięki za pozostawienie po sobie śladu u mnie :D


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