Friday, September 24, 2010


yesterday was my birthday.. and i got two beautiful bouquets. one from my boy and from my granny :) the roses i got from my A. were unusual. the colour is unique. but this photo doesn't show it good.

and here are flowers from my granny :)

and here is something i bought for ann. something she wanted 2 days ago when we met. a little gift cuz she is moving out.. far far away from here.. :)

beautiful mouse, isn't it? i love sunflowers! and my earlier mouse wasn't very pretty.. i like beeing surrounded with pretty things;d my A. got it for me;d

and something from today.. i sewed a round pillow. but i won't show you it  cuz it doesn't look very good. haha i have problems with round things to sew;d

and here. a sneakpeak. for the autumn swap 2010.

thats all.. for today :) i slept 5h and i'm really exhousted. why? cuz i finished doing projects at 2a.m. and i had to wake up at 7a.m to get ready and go to Chorzów, start painting that restaurant. of course at 9a.m i got a message that they have a breakdown and i have a day off. i was so happy, cuz i still want to do projects, and the next day i can go there is next friday.

hope everything will be ok :)

wish you a nice weekend. the weather is gorgeus!

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