Wednesday, September 22, 2010


well.. i sewed a wallet yesterday.. my old one was a bit.. destroyed.. i wanted to buy a new wallet.. but for a long time i couldn'y find a nice looking. so yesterday, i sat on the carpet and i started to cut! and as you can see - i sewed a wallet for myself. i used it today already and i love it!!;d but there is one thing i want to do, but i can't cuz my sewing machine has a foot too low and the ammount of fabric is too big. i wanted to make a stitch around every edge.. but it doesn't look bad without the stitch;d so? why worry about it;d

oh and i have to inform you, that half of the keybord from my computer isn't working, so i have to write from my dad's computer. so i'll write once a day somethin to you, or the alternatice - camera & skype :)

oh! and i had a wonderfull day with ann today;d em sorry.. a 'date' ;d


  1. Hehehe i to jaki dzień. A portfel jest uroczy :*

  2. Bardzo mi się podoba. Naprawdę piękny. :)


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