Wednesday, September 08, 2010


at last i have finished painting the little girl's room (and two elements for the little boy's room)

here is the first wall. on the right from the bed, where the big flower is, normally a chair is situadet there for a parent, who reads books before sleep :)

second wall. a little suprise under the desk :)

third wall. just three flowers.

and the forth wall. omg those dots were awful to do. awful! ;d colours are a bit different in reality, those are photos from my mobile phone..
ohh and do you see twose flowers above the little chest of drawers?! i wanted to do just one flower, the red one on the top, but the nanny wanted to help me.. she started to rub out the pencil, and she made two big stains!!!! i was so angry!! i had to do those 3 flowers to hide the stains!!!!

and two elements from the boy's room. i had to do them. not the whole room, just the shark 'Ar ar ar' and the submarine 'Amelia'.  they are from a kids cartoon - Rubbadubers (or sumtin like that)
the boy is too small for changing the whole room, but the customer asked me if i'll do them cuz he wanted to hide two stains. :)

i really like my work. it was my first work like this. in reality it looks much better, but i was in a hurry doing those photos by my mobile phone. everyone were happy, i even got a bonus :):)

hope you like it :) xxxx


  1. Nie dziwie się ze byłaś zła ;d hehe a wyszło Ci bardzo ładnie :)

  2. Very Cute! I love this style.


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