Thursday, September 02, 2010


i visited Ikea today with my parents and we bought few little things. nothing interesting (except the muffin baking tray!!). we bought few clothes hangers, and i decided that i'll sew some hanger covers.. i always wanted some, when i saw them i thought it looks like little luxury;p well i had just a bit of time, so i sewed two for myself and one for my mom. they look nice. and at last i could use this awful fabric!! it really isn't pretty, but it's perfect for a hanger cover :)

oh and i bought a cheap but a pretty frame. i oculdn't decide which photo put into it. but when i found this one in one of my albums.. i just had to put it there!! ;d on the left - my A.'s foot and on the right mine;p

and a little sneak peak of a cover i started.. :) hope it will look good :)

now.. dinner;o


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  1. Najlepsze te wasze nogi :P przepraszam - stopy :D hehe


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