Thursday, September 02, 2010


i just baked my first muffins!! but you know, first i made from the beggining by myself!! (not half from powder;p)
hmm they don't look very tasy on the photo.. but they are really good in reality.. strange.. but good. bannana and white chocolate, but the banana makes most of the taste.
i'm proud of myself! maybe.. in a year or two i'll learn how to cook dinners haha!! yum!!

oh. i saw it at elycia's blog. it's so cute:

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  1. Hmm że tak sie wyraze - wyrośnięte te Twoje muffiny :P ale i tak pewnie bym się skusiła na spróbowanie ich :D a jeśli bym się otruła - to za kase, którą mi dasz na odszkodowanie kupie sobie D500 :D hahahahahhahaha ]:->


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