Tuesday, September 14, 2010

analogue photograpy

i adore analogue photography.. but i have to admit i forgot about it a bit. today i developed two films from last winter and this spring :)

the developing was too expensive to printing aswell.. so, for 2h now i'm scanning the films by my old film scanner. torment - i'm telling ya. now i want to show you some scans.. they arent artistic or antyhing but i really like them :) nice memories :)

pogoria lake

macro leafs

my A. ;*

a bug and my yellow tights

center of my city, winter as you can see

macro, pogoria lake

bark? (kora)

botes from pogoria lake

oh this is quite new, maybe a month ago i made it to finish the film :)

little photosession with corinna

and a forest.. and me.. like a tree.. :) A.'s idea :)

hope you like them.. as much as i do beacuse of the memories;d


  1. Te zdjęcia z łodziami Ci wyszły genilanie! I to w tym lesie też ciekawe ;)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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