Monday, June 13, 2011

clouds & felt again :)

 I was waiting today for my mother's friend to leave the home so I could go to the living room.. and play on my lovely playstation 3.. well I had to wait 3 hours so I decided to watch some of my favourite tv series and.. make a new cushion for my keys - beacuse the old one was sooo destroyed right now!
 like you can see I'm still obsessed with clouds.. I couldn't resist making a key cushion with little lovely clouds! it is really small as you can see :)
 and it's made of nice blue felt.. I really really like this shade of blue actually :)
I didn't really think much about the back, so I just made it white.. like the clouds.. It will get dirty in my bag very soon probably hehe :)

now.. some relax with inFamous! oh I bought recently a lot of books I wanted for a looong while now.. can't wait to see them and start reading!!!

Wednesday - my first, really horrifiing exam. keep you fingers crossed!
ps. don't foget about my little giveaway!


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