Thursday, June 16, 2011

sewing at last!

 Hello! I'm so happy I could sew a bit today! The reason of my spontanous free time is.. that I failed yesterday's exam, and because of that I was not allowed to take the second part which was today.. free time and a stomachache keep me at home so I started sewing! :) I have sewed today twoj pillowcases for my father for father's day (23rd June - don't forget!) but I forgot to make some photos of them.. I hope I will show you them soon :)

I also sewed 5 tissue holders for free gifts for my lovely customers :) they really really look better in reality (a bit cute) but I am seriously too lazy right now to make some good photos!
after the tissue holders, I started cuttin a lot.. a lot of squares for my giant patchwork blanket. I wanted to start this project a looooong time ago but (again) I was too lazy o.O
I started sewing them together today, but I just sewed about 30.. and to finish this blanket I need 140 squares (17x17cm each) it will be giant. seriously giant (well for me it is - I haven't made anything that big earlier!)

can't wait to have some more free time for my sewing machine! I will show you tomorrow what I had found at the second hand on Tuesday! sooo cute!

have a nice evening!


  1. Świetne materiały na chustecznikach. Patchworkowego projektu jestem bardzo ciekawa :D

  2. powodzenia z gigantem!

  3. sorry to hear about your exam.... but your tissue holders are so pretty! :) I'm sure your customers are very happy to receive them! :)

  4. Oh, cute!! :) I love all of your fabric!

  5. przykro mi z powodu egzaminu. mam nadzieję, że szycie nie pozwoliło długo ci się smucić.
    jestem baaardzo ciekawa kocyku!


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