Saturday, June 11, 2011

few journal pages

i have nothing interesting happening recently so can't show you anything new.. but maybe you would like to see few of my favourite yournal pages? my journal is tiny, so there is not much space, but it's an advantage because I'm really not good in scrapbooking.. maybe some of you will like it :)
I have found this photo in the internet somewhere, have no idea of the source, but if you do know please tell me I will link it right a way!

my journal pages are usually about nothing.. no specific topic, no specific photos or plans just something that comes to my mind in that specyfic moment :)
photo from the journal page aboive also is from an unknown source, please let me know if you know it!
ikea page.. some accesories I really wanted.. few of them are actually in my room now :)
and this one above is my favourite one.. probably because the blue background! and alsooo the photo is from an unknow source - need info if you know it! I'm in love with stamps!! my father had a collection when he was my age, and now I got it. I didn't want to sell it, I just took ones which were double.. you can see some on these pages! :)

hope you like it, I have to go learn American culture for Monday's test..


  1. so pretty <3 i loved the one where all the country names kind of flew to the post bag <3

  2. spontaniczne journalowanie jest najlepsze!
    powodzenia na teście:*

  3. like them. and i like your blog, and i like your handmade everything. i hope that i will be the winner of your candy :)

  4. You're journal is beautiful!

    That blue is amazing!


Thank you for your comment! <3


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